Innovative lamps with superior quality and affordable price from “PROWORK RETAIL” in ACT Forum’19

“Lamp” is another important item for houses and buildings. Apart from illuminating the interior, the lamp’s design is also a decoration in itself. It helps create a unique and stylish look of the room and enhance the interior environment. Lamp is therefore one significant equipment in interior decoration.

For those who are looking for lighting appliances or lamps for interior decoration, ACT Forum’19 introduces designers to Prowork Retail Co., Ltd., a company which distributes lighting appliances and decorative lamps.  Prowork Retail selects over 4,000 high quality lamps with distinctive designs in modern, classic, contemporary, loft and luxurious styles. There are also electrical equipment used for electrical system, such as switches, plugs, cables, light bulbs, breakers and LED bulbs. Prowork Retail provides a full range of electrical equipment, guaranteed with over 20 years of business experience.

Prowork Retail, a professionals lamps at an affordable price

Mr. Ruthat Kantaphattana, Marketing Executive of Prowork Retail Co., Ltd., discussed about the idea of ​​doing business that, “we want customers to save their budget and time. Therefore, our company prioritizes these two concepts. If we want the customers to save time, we have to sell high quality products, so that they would not waste their time fixing the products. Our customers should also have no worry about the price because it is a reasonable price which everyone can reach.

Mr. Ruthat Kantaphattana, Marketing Executive of Prowork Retail Co., Ltd.,

For the product design, we see that communication between designers and product developers is very important because it allows the manufacturer to know and understand the problem. When they develop new products, they can meet the needs of customers and designers can actually put their ideas into reality. Prowork Retail has exchanged ideas with designers, contractors, as well as the project owner. Each has completely different needs. For example, interior designers want neat, beautiful and unique lamps. Contractors instead focus on the price and the speed of installation rather than the design.”

Current trend of decorative lamps

Trend of lamps for decoration has started to change. A couple of years ago, loft-style lamps were very popular and trendy. Nowadays, the trend of decoration has changed into a more luxurious style, emphasizing on luxury, golden color or golden contrasting with white color.

The luxurious style lamps of Prowork Retail are focused on having luxurious designs in an affordable price. The material used is hairline stainless steel, whose properties are similar to brass. Its advantages are inexpensive price and scratch-proof quality. This can make the lamps more elegant. The process used to coat is like an automotive coating, using electricity in coating.

The right lamps for your lifestyle

In general, when choosing lamps for decoration, priority consideration is the design of the house or which room to decorate it with. There are two types of lamps: downlight lamps, which provide lighting for the general area and decorative lamps used for decoration. Currently, most decorative lamps, in addition to providing light, also act like a piece of furniture in the house.

For example, when choosing a lamp to decorate the bedroom, customers should use basic downlight lamps with soft light to be eye-comforting. For larger bedrooms, customers can choose decorative wall lamps to be installed at bedside or hanging lamps. For smaller bedrooms, however, decorative lamps should not be too large because it will make the room look even smaller and narrower. For kitchens, white downlight lamps should be used for a clear view of the room. Decorative lamps should not be installed because the kitchen is used for cooking, soot or oil stains can stick to the lamps.

LED Strip Light: Lighting innovation from Prowork Retail in ACT Forum’19

In ACT Forum’19, Prowork Retail Co., Ltd., is ready to unveil its newest highlight, “Strip Light”, which comes with aluminum profile bars, covered with a diffuser, resulting in smooth and bright LED lights.

The Strip Light is available in more than 250 styles, with the smallest strip of only 4 mm. It can be used in a variety of interior use, such as decorating bar counters, along interior hallways, or at furniture. The light is easy to install with normal wiring and can be ready to use. The strip does not fall down loosely. The lamp is controlled by a power switch. The switch and color can also be controlled via a remote control. The strip light colors come in 128 shades. The color tone can be adjusted to be more fine and smooth.

Experience various styles of lamps and special offers from Prowork Retail Co., Ltd. at booth number B501/1 in ACT Forum’19, The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition for the first time in Thailand, during 14 – 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

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