Turn food waste into fertilizer with “Oklin GG-02” composting machine

Oklin (Thailand), importer of composting machines from Australia that transform food waste into fertilizer, has helped solve waste problem in every level, from households, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls to supermarkets, using microbial compost technology, which can reduce up to 90% of waste.

This innovative technology utilize the proprietary microbes and  food waste is transformed to nutrient-rich soil : nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in only 24 hours. The machine features internal rotating arms that mixes all components together.

The composting chamber is safe from insects and mold because it has a hygienization system which can heat the machine up to 80 degree celsius. There is no need to worry about smell since Nano Technology can reduce smell and filter smell from food waste. The machine is able to take up to 5 kilograms of food per day.

Experience intelligence food composing solutions from Oklin at booth number B806 in ACT Forum’19, The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition for the first time in Thailand, during 14 – 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

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