Creatively design cladding for building with doors and façades from FAB & FORM in ACT Forum’19

If we compare architecture to the human body, the building structure is probably similar to the bones that support the body to stand firmly. Various functions of the building are probably like internal organs that perform different functions. The essential part is the skin of the body or the building cladding. Aside from protecting the building from external environment, the cladding also makes the building appear more beautiful and inviting, creating its unique identity.

Design innovation: Power of unlimited design

“FAB & FORM started from having an in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of application analysis in using various types of machinery technology from all over the world, specifically in the one used in cutting-edge manufacturing processes in Thailand.  A passion for architecture of the team leads to various design, production and installation innovations. The desire to showcase new and unique works of artists and designers leads to the crossing of engineering and architecture on this innovative path. This is just like the slogan of FAB & FORM: ‘You dream, we shape.’ We will make your imagination come true.”

Mr. Thanawoot Toatong, Managing Director, MaxxMach Limited Partnership said about business practices.

More than general steel work is safety  and beauty

FAB & FORM’s Façade innovation does not focus only on beauty but considers about safety first. A lot of people view façade as just a general metal work situated on the ground, however, in greater heights, the façade must face wind and the earth’s gravity all the time. FAB & FORM’s façade is a technology focusing on the strength of structure, design, and welding engineering. The façade also features cooperating with designers who have worked with the company from the beginning for safety and selecting long-lasting and durable materials that most meet the aesthetics.

“ALFASCIA SERIES”: Creating architectural uniqueness in the way you are

FAB & FORM responds to customers who wish to display their identity to the public by creating their own brand identity through the door or façade. The company is not only focused on the beauty, but also give importance to using the exterior space or building cladding to its highest value for over 100 projects and meet all needs of customers.

Façade – Made from premium aluminum which will not rust for 100 years. Only European quality Fitting were chosen to adapt to every style of façade. For instance, folding door façade designed from Switzerland, sliding and rotating door façade designed from Germany. All fittings have passed the opening and closing quality control for over 100,000 times. They can be designed to have patterns as needed. The installation method is “Easy Lock System”, specifically designed for FAB & FORM. The company use a Click-lock method, instead of a screw or weld nut as it may causes long-term damage to the welded area or screw hole, due to the shrinking and expanding of nuts.

Sliding Gate – uses the same material as the façade and will not rust for 100 years. Doors generally rust because their structure is made of steel. Sliding Gate from FAB & FORM, however, features ALUMINUM EXTRUSION technology from Australia. The aluminum is extruded and processed with a mold whose profile determines the shape and structure of the gate. This process results in a highly strong and durable gate structure and not even a centimeter error in production. The gate can be installed together with an electrical on-off device can be controlled via smartphones. FAB & FORM’s gates can be designed as desired, whether the color, logo, house number or anything that distinguishes the identity.

Project Reference

Experience Fitting Façades, Sliding Gate and receive special offers for members of the Architect Council of Thailand and designers at booth number A808 in ACT Forum’19, The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition for the first time in Thailand, during 14 – 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

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