Transforming structural work with “KEMREK”: convenient, fast, durable, accessible

KEMREK Co., Ltd. is known as a leading company in steel needles with the innovations that has transformed structural work to be easier than ever so in order to control both time and money. KEMREK steel needles makes working 5 times faster, installing each steel needle takes less than 60 minutes. Steel is stronger and more flexible than cement poles; it is also not easily broken. It can also be adapted to a variety of styles, from fences, banners, warehouses, exhibition halls to 2-story houses.

In the upcoming ACT Forum’19, KEMREX is ready to showcase the “Series FS Steel Needle” which can support 2,000 – 18,000 kg of compression, 1,000 – 9,000 kg of tension, and 1000 – 4,500 kg of pressure. The steel is 1.2 – 3 meters in height and has a diameter of 6.8 – 21.9 cm. It is suitable for use in structures with built-in footing, knock-down houses, CCTV poles, high poles and not over 2-storey high building structure. This model can either be placed directly on the structure or the structure can be placed on it.

“Durability” is a distinctive feature of all models of steel needles because they have been made through hot-dip galvanized process or galvanizing the needles with zinc coating to prevent corrosion from rusting. This type of coating will make the needles have a longer lifetime than all other types of coating, making it suitable for outdoor buildings which are exposed to wind, heat or other chemicals.

In addition, KEMREX also has expert technicians to install the needles to be ready for use. The installation is 5 times faster than cement needles. It also has a higher accuracy by using computer technology in calculating the right angle before installation.

Visitors can experience products from KEMREX at booth number A901 in ACT Forum’19, The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition for the first time in Thailand, during 14 – 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani


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