Concept of environmentally friendly design with the innovation of Natural Color by JORAKAY in ACT Forum’19

Nowadays, environmental problems are affecting both the earth itself and way of the human being. This issue prompts various sectors to develop innovations to help reduce pollution and environmental damage. This is especially true in the field of architecture which have become increasingly interested in this matter. Together with the “different thinking, forward looking” concept, JORAKAY CORPORATION CO., LTD. is committed to continuous development in new innovations and technology for product which protect the environment, while still responding to various types of usage in an efficient manner.

From the belief of “happiness” to developing the No.1 selling product

“Users’ happiness” is a motto that JORAKAY adhere to. We believe that doing business is to pass on happiness to customers. We therefore invent for the happiness of users. From then, our definition of word “happiness” becomes broader and broader, from the happiness of users, to making this world in a state of happiness in a sustainable way. However, before we find happiness, we first have to see the real problem. We therefore think differently by looking forward and thinking differently. We are committed to inventing and selecting the best technology and innovation to develop our products for maximum usability. Most importantly, those products have to solve users’ problems. At the same time, our products must not pollute and destroy the environment. For example, Crocodile Silver Premium Plus Grout, the first anti-black mold grout with Microban technology and 24-hour protection throughout its lifetime. Crocodile is establishing a standard for Thailand’s construction industry. Another product is Gold Crocodile Premium Modified Tile which has received the Green Label for its environmentally-friendly feature as it absorbs CO2 as much as a large tree. The installation process is also convenient as there is no need to smash the tiles, leading to faster installation, less dust and noise pollution.

Mr. Norawee Sershthin, Marketing Director, discussed about the concept of product development of JORAKAY CORPORATION CO., LTD.

Wider Perspective, Forward Thinking and Understanding Workers

Various perspectives from architects, engineers or those working in the construction industry are considered an important resonance in product development.  These people are professionals who know every detail about usage, in terms of material, installation, or expenses. Exchanging knowledge and views from them confirms whether the company’s assumptions about the product are possible or not. Then, this information will be used to develop products to work more efficiently and solve problems better.

Natural Color by JORAKAY, innovation of beauty worth to the world and humanity

Natural Color, a new concept of paint manufactured mainly from natural materials, for instance, limestone, cement, etc. The paint is combined with other technology and innovation by rearranging molecules with graphene technology to enhance efficiency and durability. This responds to the green building concept for better environment and better health for residents. The paint is certified by the Gold level Cradle to Cradle as an environmentally-friendly product in all production processes and can be released back to nature without any harm. After expiration date, those peeling paint will be circulated back to nature in the form of particles. Aside from being environmentally-friendly, the paint possesses numerous special features

The products in the Natural Color line are available for a variety of usage, in which each model contains distinctive differences.

Ecosphere Premium – mattefilm surface made from natural materials combined with graphene technology. The paint is suitable for interior decoration that needs to be safe for residents and environmentally friendly. It can be used in painting and repair work. This helps freshen up the atmosphere. With Ecosphere Premium, moisture can evaporate fast and it helps maintain the building surface.

Biosphere Premium – matte surface made from natural materials, combined with graphene technology for exterior use. It can be used in both painting and repair work.  This helps freshen up the atmosphere. With Biosphere Premium, moisture can evaporate fast and it helps maintain the building surface.

Grafclean Premium – mattefilm surface made from natural materials, combined with graphene technology. The paint is suitable for both exterior and interior decoration that provides a durable aesthetic advantage.

Color Stucco – special color mortar for finishing layer of the wall in order to have more depth. It responds well to various types of design, protects the building. It can be used for both interior and exterior decoration, suitable for plaster wall, concrete wall, brick wall, fiber cement wall and other types of system wall.

Color Cement – a cement coating material used to coat cement surface or bricks to resemble normal painted wall. Since it is manufactured from cement, the paint is highly durable and can be used in both interior and exterior work. For installation, mix the paint with water and use a brush or roller to apply it on the surface. The paint will blend well with the cement wall.

Experience innovations from JORAKAY by yourself at ACT Forum’19

ACT Forum’19 is considered an opportunity for the company to bring various products to architects, engineers and those working in the construction industry for more ideas to develop products. At the same time, it provides a chance to listen to several perspectives for the products development even more. Of course, JORAKAY CORPORATION CO., LTD. will bring many innovations for real-time testing, for example, customers can try painting the Natural Color on the wall to understand its usage and see the various surfaces by themselves. In addition, the company will also showcase the Big Slab tiling innovation at the event.


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