“SCG Consulting Business”: Professionals alongside customers for sustainable success

SCG Consulting Business is consulting services for B2B clients by experts from SCG with specialized knowledge to respond to project needs of customers. The business offers 3 types of services:

Living care

Consulting services and design of residential projects and complete healthcare services for people of all ages according to Evidence-Based Design for better quality of life for the elderly, children and people of all ages

Services Include:

  • Project Feasibility: Study the feasibility of the project
  • Design and Consult: Consult and design projects suitable for residents
  • Marketing Communication: Plan and prepare marketing communications
  • Construction Management: Project management, coordination and project supervision

Area of Expertise

  • Physical, Mental & Socioeconomic Change (Gerontology): Knowledge of physical, mental and socioeconomic change
  • Living Space & Product for Alzheimer & Parkinson: Homes for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients
  • Circadian Lighting Design: Lighting Design for Health and Living
  • Technology Product & Materials for Living Care: Product and material technology suitable for people of all ages.

Green Building & Well Being

Consulting services for environmentally-friendly buildings which improve the quality of life of residents in accordance with international standards by experts certified by LEED AP, TREES-A, WELL AP and Fitwell Ambassadors.


  • Green Building Certification
  • Well Being Certification
  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Green Product Consultant

Energy management

Consulting services on design and operation of buildings for energy saving purpose, improvement and control of indoor temperature and air quality in order to create a comfortable atmosphere by experts certified by ASHRAE High Performance Building Design Professional Certificate, ASHRAE Building Energy Modeling Professional, LEED AP, TREES-A, and energy conservation building inspectors.

Services Include:

  • Building Design Optimization: Design and modify building plans based on Building Energy Model, Capital Cost and life Cycle Cost
  • Energy Project Economics: Financial analysis for energy investment
  • LEED and TREES Documentation in Energy and Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental Quality: Prepare documents for LEED assessment
  • Commissioning of Building Energy Systems: Test and modify building energy systems
  • Building Controls Upgrade and Monitoring: Design / improve building controls and measurement systems


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