More accurate and precise with synchronized clocks from SAPLING

The SAPLING COMPANY, specializing in reliable time system for over 25 years, provides a wide range of synchronized time systems in many industries around the world, such as education, healthcare, transportation and department store. The synchronized clock systems come in both analog and digital; accurate and precise through a world-class server and trusted among industries.

SBW 3000 Series Wi-Fi Clock

This clock can receive time directly from NTP servers and is highly accurate. The clock has its own built-in web interface which allows to monitor and program the clock from any device on the same network. The clock comes with Automatic Daylight Saving Time system.

SBP 3000 Series IP-PoE Digital Clock

This clock is a red Seven Segment that showing either 4 digits: hours and minutes or 6 digits: hours, minutes and seconds, and displays date (optional). The brightness can be chosen in many levels. The clock supports NTP (Network Time Protocol) and shows the IP address of the device when connected through Ethernet and POE.

Experience a variety of synchronized clocks from THE SAPLING COMPANY at booth number B808 in ACT Forum’19 during 14 – 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani. Register for the event in advance at

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