Review of ACT Forum’19 under the concept of “REACT”

The ACT Forum’19 has concluded beautifully. It was the International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition for the first time in Thailand, which has brought together people in all fields of architecture and exhibitors of innovations and technology in building material industries. This event was proved successful with over 25,000 visitors and 300 exhibitors, both from Thailand and other countries. The event next year will be even bigger with two times larger exhibition space and a five-day event.

This article will walk you through the atmosphere of ACT Forum’19 under the concept “REACT”. The organizer wishes to show how the design industry has adapted itself in this fast-paced society which changes rapidly by learning to continually expand knowledge.

“Forum A: The Keynote – A Forum for Inspiration”: Expanding Creativity

Let’s begin with Forum A: The Keynote – A Forum for Inspiration, which has been honored by world-renowned architects and leading Thai architects, such as Stefano Boeri, Forth Bagley, Barbara Barry, Andrew Grant, Pierre Clement, Marie France Bouet, Kulapat Yantrasast, Vipavadee Patpongpibul, Wannaporn Phornprapha and Assoc. Prof. Apiwat Ratanawaraha, Ph.D., all participated in talks about various concepts in order to inspire creativity in developing and raising the standard of the design industry to be in the international level. This forum was well-attended by architects and designers of all generations.


“Forum B: The Practice – Sharing Knowledge from a Master”: Academic and Professional Knowledge Exchange

Forum B: The Practice – Sharing Knowledge from a Master is a forum which provides academic and professional knowledge for both members of the Architect Council of Thailand and the general public. The content covers all fields of architecture with over 20 interesting topics, such as Government Procurement Act, High Rise & Large Scale Building Design, BIM for Interior Design, Building Regulation for Interior Designers, ASEAN Architects: The Collaborations between Thais and Internationals, Bangkok Restoration Projects, The Role of Educational in Urban Planning and etc.

“Forum C: The Innovation – Discussion for the Best Solution”: Forum for In-Depth Learning of Building Materials

Forum C: The Innovation – Discussion for the Best Solution gives the opportunity for building material suppliers to showcase their innovations and architectural technology and providing knowledge about products and services through discussions and in-depth knowledge exchange with architects to contribute to the development of product technology in the future.

“Forum D: The ACT Services – ACT Commitment to Serve Our Society”: Exchange area between architects and the public

The last forum is Forum D: The ACT Services – ACT Commitment to Serve Our Society which provides a space for volunteer architects to give advice to the public. This has also been a space for educational institutions to showcase their research and projects that are beneficial to the public.

Exhibition area for innovation and building material technology

The exhibition of innovations and technology for building products are filled with many leading brands carrying a huge array of construction products such as SCG, Makita, TOSTEM, Jorakay, EDL, Living Center and various other brands.

Product Launching: Launching future products

Product Launching stage brings together products ready to be launched in the market in 2020. The stage features companies such as D1 System Co., Ltd., JORAKAY Corporation Co., Ltd., Phoenix Research Asia Co., Ltd., Suntech Steel Works Co., Ltd. and C.C.W. Technic Service Part., Ltd.

Exhibition Booths: More than just trading area

These exhibition booths have received a lot of attention from visitors, which proves a good opportunity to upgrade the booths to be more than just trading area. The booths have merged trade with creativity in order to make them stand out. Moreover, the visitors also receive the opportunity to get in touch and experience the products closely.

Art exhibition space from renowned artists

In addition to academic forums and exhibitions of building material technology, ACT Forum’19 also featured art exhibitions from artists, such as Ajarn Muangmon Srithongthai, Khlong Bang Luang  artists, “Khru Kai” Surak Wiengsang, Niti Satapitanont and Kiattisak Veteewootacharn who have brought their sketches of architectural buildings, houses, as well as community lifestyles to be exhibited at the ACT Forum’19.

Lastly, on behalf of the organizer of ACT Forum’19 and Araya Expo Co., Ltd., we would like to thank the visitors, exhibitors, members of the Architect Council of Thailand and honorable guests who have participated in the ACT Forum’19. Every single one of these people has contributed to the success of this event. Be part of events like this next year in ACT Forum’20, which will be held during 18 – 22 November 2020 at Challenger Hall 3, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani.

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