ACT together with Araya Expo launch ACT Forum’19, the exposition that covering all Architectural Fields with International Stages for Knowledge & Building-Tech Updates.

8 October 2019 – The Architect Council of Thailand (ACT), in collaboration with Araya Expo Company Limited, is now well ready to organize the ACT Forum’ 19 as The Biggest International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition in Thailand. To be held under the “RE-ACT: Response, Development and Continuity” concept, the event will be held during 14 to 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

Air Vice Marshal M.L. Prakitti Kshemasanta, president of the Architect Council of Thailand (ACT), says, “The key missions of ACT are to develop architect profession and to provide academic services to people as well as other organizations in regards to architectural sciences and technologies. In support of these missions, we have decided to organize the ACT Forum’ 19. This event will mark a new dimension of international academic conferences and building technology expositions. More special than any other expo or conference, the ACT Forum’ 19 will not just exhibit innovations by manufacturers and distributors in construction industry across the world. The ACT Forum’ 19 will prove so special in that it will bring together all of architectural fields namely architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, and create a space for the exchanges of architectural knowledge too. The event is definitely going to be an ultimate forum for updating oneself about new technologies and innovations. Importantly, the ACT Forum’ 19 has already invited leading local and foreign speakers to its stages. These prominent figures will share design knowledge and concepts with Thai architects, sharpen their thinking process, and comprehensively develop architecture professions in Thailand”.

Mr. Prakit Phananuratana, who chairs the organizing committee for the ACT Forum ’19, reveals that, “The ACT Forum’ 19 embraces “REACT: Response, Development, and Continuity concept” for the purpose of encouraging all professionals including architects to adapt and respond well to the needs of the fast-changing society through constant learning. The ACT Forum’ 19 therefore will offer knowledge via various architectural seminars, talks and academic conferences. Covering more than 30 topics, the event will feature four parts:

  • Forum A: The Keynote (A Forum for Inspiration): This forum offers Thai architects and any interested visitor opportunities to listen to world-class architects’ lectures. Among the speakers are Stefano Boeri, a respectable architect and designer from Italy, Andrew Grant, an internationally-recognized British architect and the creator of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, and Barbara Barry, a Los Angeles-based interior designer whose luxury decoration style has won global recognition. These speakers will jump on the stage to deliver educational and inspiring content, fostering creativity that will pave way for Thai architects to shine at the international level.
  • Forum B: The Practice (Sharing Knowledge from a Master): This forum is designed to provide academic and professional knowledge to ACT members and the public. Content will cover all professional fields of architect and all five types of architectural works namely project study, design, construction management and supervision, inspections and consultancy.
  • Forum C: The Innovation (Discussion for the Best Solution): For the first time, there will be a forum whereby architects and suppliers can exchange knowledge and innovations. Ideas shared should be useful for the development of best solutions.
  • Forum D: The ACT Services (ACT Commitment to Serve Our Society): ACT will directly provide free counseling services to the public in this zone, with the help of volunteer architects. Forum D, moreover, will offer spaces for educational institutes to showcase their works and researches that are useful to the public.

“In addition, the ACT Forum’ 19 will facilitate ACT-membership renewals and offer privileges to people working in the architectural field. There will also be inspiring exhibitions on architectural works. And through collaboration with relevant agencies, the event will present many other interesting and useful activities for target groups,” Mr. Prakit says.

Mr. Supaman Munka, Project Director of Araya Expo Co., Ltd. or the event organizer, says about preparations for the event that, “As of now, more than 500 distributors of building materials from 30 nations have already confirmed their participation as exhibitors in our upcoming event. They are from Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Germany, Italy, France, Britain, the United States and etc. On the overall, the ACT Forum’ 19 will feature over 50 leading brands. On top of four main forums, there will be various other interesting activities about building innovations. For example, Product Launching Day will be staged between 12.00 to 13.30 hrs. on November 14 creating a stage whereby leaders from construction industry can unveil their innovations. The products on the stage will be something that no one has ever seen before. Simply put, this activity will let visitors see what will be coming in 2020. Among these innovations are Dry-Process Rain screen and innovative drainage pipe set from Germany. Neolith countertop, which is made from crushed rock and boast a smooth thin shape, is also a highlight”.

Other highlights are products in the Designed for Wellness category, which is developed in response to new-generation consumers’ growing focus on physical and emotional well-being. Below are some of the examples:

  • Beau Showerlet by Japan’s Asahi Alex Asia Company Limited is an electric bidet with gentle washing that cleans user’s body without causing any irritation. It is made from special materials, which inhibit bacterial growth and enable easy clean.
  • ARITCO Homelift by Aritco (Thailand) Company Limited delivers comfort, convenience and safety all at the same time. This product has dual control systems, one by electricity and the other by reserve battery. Leveraging screw technology, such homelift is entirely free from sling-issue risks. Its use of tempered laminated glass guarantees durability and high safety.
  • Panaplast Laminate by EDL Laminates Company Limited is outstanding because of its translucence and easy reshape. With this material, users’ creativity can go far and materialize. Importantly, the product is 99.99% anti-bacterial. So, it is perfect for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and also kids’ rooms.
  • Green Wall System by D1 System Company Limited presents a space-saving panel for vertical garden. With this innovative panel, gardening lovers can also have fun arranging flowers or plants in respective shades. It is also easy to create patterns with flowers on this panel. Made of safe and durable materials, it comes complete with efficient watering system. Plants in this panel are bound to blossom, creating a green area, purifying air, and reducing temperature inside a home.

Several top brands will definitely join the ACT Forum’ 19. For example, TOSTEM – the Japanese provider of quality aluminum doors and windows – will introduce its innovative GRANTS SERIES at the upcoming event. Designed for easy installations on high-rise buildings, this series comes with a range of choices for interior designers namely sliding type, out-swing type, awning type, and corner-fixed type. So, users have much freedom to choose the type that can fit in best with existing fixed windows. This famous brand, moreover, will showcase its Ventilation Room. This innovation features: GRANTS Ventilation, which is perfect for high-rise building as its design is vertical and allows a panoramic view. With it, air will flow well and rainwater will be efficiently kept out; Ventilation Door, meanwhile, promotes the circulation of natural air indoors; and GIESTA Entrance Gate, which is designed with a strong emphasis on safety, boasts solid locking system.

SCG Cement – Building Materials Company Limited has also created the BIM Center to showcase BIM (Building Information Modeling) at the upcoming event. When this technology applies to design process from the very beginning, it will reduce construction waste. With BIM, a 3D model will be created for architectural works, structural works and system works. All materials to be used will be typed in to facilitate efficient construction planning and check clash detection. As BIM can detect errors in advance, it helps save time, expenses and resources.

Jorakay Corporation Company Limited, on its part, is set to present its New GColor that targets conserved buildings such as vintage buildings that are now often renovated to serve as restaurants, hostels or precious historical sites. As these buildings need attention to detail, any dismantling or repairs must be cautious and neat. Materials chosen for repair works must not cause any damages to old buildings. On the contrary, this product should help conserve the structures and match well with original materials.

Moreover, at the ACT Forum’ 19, Designer Hub Pavilion will also go up. Here, ACT-member designers can meet and talk to entrepreneurs from real-estate, construction, design and interior-decoration industries for business opportunities. Members of the public can also come to the pavilion to find interior designers and constructors who are well ready to offer advice and respond to their every need.

Mr. Supaman says, “Given these many highlights, we expect the ACT Forum’ 19 to attract about 90,000 visitors over its four days. Visitors will be both Thais and foreigners. Our estimate suggests foreign visitors will account for about 25 percent of all visitors. At present, many visitors have already pre-registered their visit from overseas such as from India, Indonesia, and Japan. We are confident that the ACT Forum’ 19 will stimulate Thailand’s construction industry. Our confidence is in line with the Siam Commercial Bank’s analysis on Construction Industry 2019. According to the analysis, Thailand’s construction industry will likely grow by Bt1.38 trillion or 6.5 percent by YOY. The analysis is based on favorable factors such as the government’s construction projects, which include infrastructure and transport constructions, as well as the expected construction growth within the private
sector. It is believed that the private sector’s construction value will grow by Bt560 billion or 3.5 percent as a result of condominium projects along metro lines, commercial-building/office-building projects, as well as mixed-use projects”.

“Construction growth in government and private sectors will boost the appeal of the ACT Forum’s 19, driving many more visitors to our event. The ACT Forum’ 19, after all, will present not just building innovations but also tempting promotions from so many firms,” he continues.

“We would like to invite every interested person to the ACT Forum’ 19, which will be held during 14 to 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani. We are very committed to establishing the event as Thailand’s most comprehensive expo on architecture and building material technology and also as one of Asia’s biggest expositions. Our forum will offer visitors opportunities to upgrade their knowledge and technology no matter what field of architecture they are in,” Mr. Supaman concludes.

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