During the past five years, metal sheet rooftops with PU foam heat insulation or what we know as “Sandwich Roofs” has been widely utilized. Therefore, Suntech Steel Works has brought forth some useful advices on how to properly select metal sheet rooftops with PU foam heat insulation that has the perfect technology and innovation combination fit for us to understand and explore in detail. We can tell you that this innovation is created to fully resolve all designs, constructions, including the user’s expectations through the innovation namely called “Suntech Hybrid Cooling Roof & Panel” which we definitely will experience first-hand at ACT Forum’19.

There is more to Rooftops and Walls with PU Foam Heat Insulation

Rooftops and walls with PU foam heat insulation are created by injecting PU foam heat insulator insiderooftops and walls , letting it stick as one. This results to a perfect heat insulator, reducing sounds and increase the endurance for purlin roof, no disintegrated health threatening particles though it has been through long-term utility, fast installation, time and cost saving, hence it is another worthwhile option.

“Suntech Hybrid Cooling Roof & Panel” – Perfect combination of all needs

“Suntech Hybrid Cooling Roof & Panel” is the combination of different innovation and technologies together, results to creations and continuous improvements for Suntech Steel Works by utilizing many different materials i.e. Metal Sheet, Aluminum Color Sheet, UPVC Color Sheet, Aluminum Foil Sheet and PVC Sheet as the high-standard topcoat for PU foam heat insulation. Produced by modern machines, capable of controlling the thickness consistency of PU Foam in which our PU Foam is produced by the Rigid Close Cell structure, a heat insulator with the lowest heat temperature conduction once compared to other heat insulators. The specialty is the customers is able to choose their own materials for rooftops or wall use including the height of the roof ridge, as it is important for water reception. We pay attention to details, hence we improve our products in different roof ridge heights suitable for every functional utility. We are the only company capable of injecting PU foam in the most shaped form in the country.

Confident and trust in 20 years of experience and expertise

Suntech Steel Works operates in manufacturing rooftops and walls with finished PU foam heat insulation rooftops, purlin roofs and C, Z-shaped high strength wall frames. There’s been continuous technological and innovative product developments under Suntech’s trademark. The trademark that has been guaranteed by the international standard for quality management system (ISO 9001) and the international standard for environmental management system (ISO14001). Suntech also have specialized engineer team members to assure that every product answers to our customer’s full functional needs.

Mr. Singhanart Batsomboon, CEO of Suntech Steel Works

“Even we manage like family business but international standard is applied to our management process, we see our staff, business competitors and our customers, as friends and family, as well as view them with understanding. We are the seller, but we place ourselves in the buyer’s shoes so we understand that there are many types of buyers, and every buyer’s income is different, the necessity in product selection is different. Customers will be the person to choose the products, it is our responsibility to develop, improve, and select the best material for each grade yet maintain the quality within that particular grade as much as we can. That is the reason why we have PU foam heat insulation rooftops in 3 different grades for as options to our customers. We do not focus only on sales, we also focus on consulting. We will advise on product use, which product is suitable. We do not only sell products, we sell products along with engineering knowledge to you” Mr. Singhanart Batsomboon, CEO of Suntech Steel Works shared.

Stay tuned for special offers, ready to give advice or sharing ideas in rooftops selection at ACT Forum’19

At the event, we as Suntech Steel Works is honored to be sharing and exchanging ideas and knowledge here. We are definitely not only here to offer our products, but we would like to share our knowledge, share our connections and open new perspectives together. For anyone who would like seek our advice regarding rooftops selections, please feel free to stop by for consultation and check on the products. We have a lot of special promotions to offer especially for this event.

Let’s open new perspectives, share good ideas like this at ACT Forum’19 (Booth no B610), The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition, which will be held during 14–17 November 2019 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani.

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