“ACTclusive Talk” a stage for knowledge sharing among Architects and Building Material Suppliers.

The Architect Council of Thailand, together with Araya Expo Co., Ltd., organized the “ACTclusive Talk” forum to distribute knowledge and update technological trends in all four architectural fields: architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and interior architecture. In addition, the forum also provided an opportunity for the Architect Council of Thailand to meet and talk with […]

“FDT” High Quality Waterproofing Polymer Membrane from Germany

Today’s construction focuses on lightweight and flat roofs which helps quicken the installation. Therefore, readymade sheets are often used. These sheets usually have joints where water can leak. Having a standard waterproofing system will perfect the work. FDT® waterproofing membrane from Germany has been trusted by users around the world for over 80 years and […]

“EVALON®” No. 1 Waterproofing Membrane From Germany

EVALON® Flatroof Waterproofing Membrane from Germany. Over 160 million square meters of areas have been installed worldwide (1 million square meters in Thailand) with this system. EVALON® incorporates Single Ply properties containing Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Terpolymer (EVA) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) specifically developed as solid thermoplastic which will not change its property when in usage. […]

Makita selects ACT Forum’19 to unveil innovative solutions for every construction work.

“Makita” started from a Japanese factory store selling electric motors. Now, it has become a brand of high quality power tools and portable tools. By introducing innovation and modern technology installed in each tool and providing a wide range of tool types, from construction, structural, industrial, garden and interior work, Makita is a globally-recognized and […]

Transport heavy loads across worksites with “Battery Powered Wheelbarrow”

Battery Powered Wheelbarrow is a single-wheeled wheelbarrow that helps reduce the driving force. It uses 18 V battery and can fit two batteries. Each battery can be used up to 50 minutes.  The engine speed is consistent and can be adjusted in 2 levels with a control switch at the handle. The wheelbarrow can support […]

“Robotic Cleaner” automatically cleans with multiple sensors

Robotic Cleaner is a cleaning robot that can clean up to 300-500 sq. m or approx. 2 tennis courts and a half. It uses two 18 V batteries. It cleans automatically with multiple sensors. There are two working modes: random mode and pattern mode to suit the operating area. There is no need to worry […]

“Cordless Chain Saw” Gardening tool with increased torque mode

Cordless Chain Saw is a chainsaw with the capacity to match the 25 cc motor saw. It uses 18 V battery with a chain speed of up to 24 m/s and the speed of cutting up to 160 times. This is 50% faster than the 22.2 cc engine. The saw speed can be adjusted in various […]

Architect Council of Thailand, together with Araya Expo held the seminar “ACTclusive Talk”, updating trend in all 4 architectural fields

The Architect Council of Thailand together with Araya Expo Co., Ltd hosted the seminar under the title of “ACTclusive Talk” which was aimed to provide knowledge and update people in the architecture and construction industry about happenings in all four architectural fields covering Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Interior Architecture. Moreover, this event created […]

End of every leakage problem with world-quality leakage protection innovation from at ACT Forum’19

Waterproofing Membrane acts as a risk shield from water leak, which may cause damage to many things inside a building. Coupling it with waterproofing sheet system that can block out sunlight, UV, and different temperature, they help to extend a building’s lifespan. Therefore choosing a suitable and standard waterproofing sheet system greatly affects the structure […]