Completing design and housing function with advanced technology in ACT Forum’19

In the design or construction industry, the important aspect is to select the right innovation or technology to use in each project. This is for the convenience in usage, ability to reduce cost and work time, but still fully maintain the quality and beauty of the design. Today, technology from the industrial sector can be used in interior and housing perfectly. Material World Co., Ltd., leading company in logistic and warehouse technology, sees the growth of such business.  Therefore, the company has been searching for new innovations or technology to create new ideas in design and construction

From leader of warehouse solution and logistics innovation to creating new innovations for design and construction industry

“Our goal is to utilize industrial technology to adapt to the design and construction in the private sector. Because we believe that if architecture and engineering can go hand in hand, the work will be both beautiful and functional at the same time. Architectural structure and residences mostly started from the design process. If suitable technology is employed, the management system of the business or even our everyday lives will be efficient, increase speed and lower cost of management, which will improve the ability in competition. Many of our products have been developed designs and functions that meet the lifestyle in this technology-driven world. In addition to increase product quality, we also put much emphasis on after-sales service, attentiveness and responsibility to customers to make sure that they receive only the best products.”

Mr.Chakrit Chansukko, Business Unit Manager (BU.Manager), said about the key in business development.

2 ways and 2 styles of cutting-edge innovations from Material World


Nowadays, of course, people are faced with hot weather. The need for better circulation and reduction of heat becomes more important. Material World has therefore introduced advanced innovations and technology to develop giant fans that also save the energy to respond to this need. Its outstanding feature is that it has been developed from cooperation between engineers and designers. In addition to the designs that can be adapted to many styles, same as industrial doors, industrial fans can also be featured in other non-industrial areas, for instance, buildings, shopping centers, hotels, gyms or even bus stations and airports. The company uses the principle of generating circulation in the area in order to create an environment for users to feel more comfortable. In addition, energy saving features are also added by using simulation software to diffuse the proper amount of air in the area. There is a weight calculation of hanging and a safety system consistent to each structure size. Engineers control every step of process, from equipment preparation, installation on site, for quality checking. This is to ensure that the fans installation are accurate for the safety.


Material World has introduced the innovations of industrial doors in the form of doors used in residence and buildings. The company still maintain safety standards for both the system and object inspection, the Double Safety Break System as well as temperature insulation feature. A variety of styles of door texture, including wooden pattern, transparent panel and other colors is added to match the building’s decor. The designer can also choose different opening and closing styles to suit the building both in 90° or Full Vertical as well.

New innovations, new technology, new perspective from Material World in ACT Forum’19

In ACT Forum’19, visitors will see many products from Material World. In addition to meeting the needs of customers in warehouses, these products can also be adapted to use in the design and construction industry. The company guarantees that when visitors come to visit booth A106, they will have new ideas in fulfilling functions. Moreover, If visitors register at the booth, they will get special prices and other special privileges. Material World hope to see all visitors during November 14 – 17, 2019 at Impact Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

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