Transform “rain gutters” into a perfect design with innovation from VG Rain Gutter in ACT Forum’19

Because of the weather in Thailand changes all the time and often, people find themselves dealing with the rainwater falling from the roof onto the floor below. This can cause damage to many parts of the house or building, for instance, moisture from the rain can make the paint blister or peel out. The ground around the house can be eroded, which makes it seem instantly less attractive. In the long run, it can cause damage to the structure without proper water management. Therefore, installing “rain gutters” is very important in proper water management and drainage. However, many avoid installing such thing because they think the gutters will lessen the house’s attractiveness. CNP Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. sees the issue and has therefore developed the innovation “VG Rain Gutter” which still maintains and balances both the usability and beauty.

Recognize the issue and improve the product to respond to every type of usage

“First, we look at the problems. What are they? And what are the users’ needs? Through the years, we have found that the gutter used is either zinc or stainless steel. Their main problems are about rust and assembly line because they require a specialized mechanic to fold, cut, solder, and weld.  Another problem deals with the issue of aesthetics. People do not opts from installing gutters because their design does not go that well with their houses’. As a way to solve these problems, we decided to use PVC as the material. CNP Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of plastic beads, which makes it possible for us to adjust to the needs of users in adding any types of chemical. Our company also has suppliers nationwide and worldwide. In selecting raw materials, we can choose the best thing in each aspect.  PVC is not that different from cooking. We have to select the right ingredients for the dish, so it’s not just us choosing only good materials. In our factory, we have machines that can test whether the materials we have produced will be of good quality when assembled into a product. As a result, we have developed different designs to solve the problems and can meet the needs of use in all aspects.” Mr. Pairoat Choaknantiporn, Managing Director of CNP Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. said.

Open new perspectives to the perfect development

CNP Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. has always exchanged knowledge with architects, engineers and other departments. The company has found that most rain gutters have not been designed to fit the building from the start, instead, we install the system and pipeline after finish building the house. Therefore, the design is not as attractive as homeowners may have thought. Moreover, the design of rain gutters does not really go well with the style of the house. The company therefore has developed products to respond to this need. We have designed rain gutters in a variety of styles that can be featured in every type of house roof. The installation is convenient, fast, easy, because there is a system like knock-down : Just an easy step like assemble, hook shot, attach the rail, seal with silicone and the work is ready to use. It can be said that after purchasing, you can install it right away. General technicians can also install the rain gutters themselves; they just need to have a good knowledge about water level measurement.

Exquisite in every step, Blends in well with the house, Long-time protection with innovation from VG Rain Gutter.

VG Rain Gutter comes with outstanding innovation and several special features, such as:

– Strong and durable: able to protect the house for more than 15 years.

– Double UV protection. No cracks with 10-year guarantee

– Prevention of rust throughout its lifetime

– Complete equipment, adaptable to every style of house

– No.1 world grade chemical paint with beautiful colors, long lasting and no peeling off

– Free consultation team

There are 4 tones of colors and 3 styles to choose from; you can design to fit the house or building perfectly

1. FIRST R2 Hanger, with curved design suitable for Thai houses or classic style designs

2. Primo Hanger, suitable for simple and modern design

3. EZY Hanger, suitable for modern and elegant design

ACT Forum’19: Great event you don’t want to miss

ACT Forum’19 is considered an event that combines all branches of design and construction. It is an opportunity for people from many branches to know each other better and for suppliers like us to open the perspective about the needs or ideas from a variety of branches. Of course, the company has brought our rain gutters to showcase to visitors. We have done some DIYs to the gutters to respond to the use in more styles, like DIY the gutters into a vertical style. It is guaranteed that after visiting our booth, you will have an inspiration to make your house more beautiful in ways you can’t imagine. We also have vinyl roof innovation which we think architects will like because the roof slope can be as low as 1 degree. No current roof in the market can achieve this. This feature responds well to the issue of height and can increase the height area. Therefore, we would like to invite you to take a look at the product as only words or pictures cannot describe the impression the real thing gives.

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