“Makita” started from a Japanese factory store selling electric motors. Now, it has become a brand of high quality power tools and portable tools. By introducing innovation and modern technology installed in each tool and providing a wide range of tool types, from construction, structural, industrial, garden and interior work, Makita is a globally-recognized and trusted brand of power tools guaranteed by users around the world.  It is also No.1 selling brand in Thailand. 

Market Leader of Power Tools technology, characterized by lithium battery and brushless DC motor

The tools from Makita are portable power tools powered by lithium-ion batteries. The outstanding quality of Makita’s battery is the control chip between the batteries that can transmit signals to Makita’s portable tools. This function allows users to receive the highest level of security in the event of overload as the battery’s structure is strong and durable.

In addition, Makita’s lithium ion battery is of premium quality which is able to supply stable power, can preserve energy for a long time and is applicable to more than 240 Makita tools.

The advantages of brushless DC motor technology are more powerful, more efficient, more compact and more durable. There is no need to waste energy with a carbon brush, which helps extend the battery life. The brushless motor is also low-heat so it helps reduce heat, even though continuous operating.

Saving manpower and manhours by 3 cutting-edge technologies from Makita

Apart from digging, drilling or cutting tools suitable for general technicians, Makita continually develops technology for ordinary people. Here are 3 recommended tools from Makita to help customers in housing construction.

Cordless Chain Saw is a chainsaw with the capacity to match the 25 cc motor saw. It uses 18 V battery with a chain speed of up to 24 m/s and the speed of cutting up to 160 times. This is 50% faster than the 22.2 cc engine. The saw speed can be adjusted in various levels, plus torque mode which provides power for thick and hard branch cutting.

In addition, the portable chainsaw is safer with Soft Start and chain brake systems. It has a locking nut to prevent disconnection from adjustment and features a chainsaw oil adjustment. The machine has a handheld design, with well-balanced, compact, and lightweight qualities. It has a hoop for hanging which means easy storing. More importantly, it has legal certificates.

Battery Powered Wheelbarrow is a single-wheeled wheelbarrow that helps reduce the driving force. It uses 18 V battery and can fit two batteries. Each battery can be used up to 50 minutes.  The engine speed is consistent and can be adjusted in 2 levels with a control switch at the handle. The wheelbarrow can support up to 130 kg of load.

There are two types of wheelbarrow for different usage. The first is a wheelbarrow featuring a grate, ideal for garden use such as carrying logs, pieces of wood or bags of fertilizer. The second is a pick-up wheelbarrow, ideal for construction work such as carrying soil or sand. Also, there are other external functions such as foldable handle, the rear wheel can be removed to make the wheelbarrow as a tripod. The wheelbarrow’s height can also be adjusted in 3 levels. The side of it has a built-in illumination and a brake lever with front wheel locking mechanism.

Robotic Cleaner is a cleaning robot that can clean up to 300-500 sq. m or approx. 2 tennis courts and a half. It uses two 18 V batteries. It cleans automatically with multiple sensors. There are two working modes: random mode and pattern mode to suit the operating area.

There is no need to worry about dust. The robot has got a high-power and large-scale dust brush that can clean any area thoroughly. It has also got a side closure that helps sweep and clean in corners, as well as in areas near the obstacles. It features a large rotary brush which has a 50 mm X 260 mm diameter, and a 6-litre 2.5 dust collector tank. The tank is divided into two parts: one for storing fine dust and the other for larger particles. A vacuum fan is for vacuuming fine dust up to the top compartment. The large brush is for sweeping large particles of dust into the bottom compartment.

For those who are interested, you can check out these Power Tools technology and electrical equipment that provide all solutions from Makita in the ACT Forum’19 at booth number A107. The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition for the first time in Thailand, during 14 – 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

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