“ACTclusive Talk” a stage for knowledge sharing among Architects and Building Material Suppliers.

The Architect Council of Thailand, together with Araya Expo Co., Ltd., organized the “ACTclusive Talk” forum to distribute knowledge and update technological trends in all four architectural fields: architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and interior architecture. In addition, the forum also provided an opportunity for the Architect Council of Thailand to meet and talk with representatives from Thailand’s leading building material suppliers.

The first session of the “ACTclusive Talk” was about the topic: “The Future of the Design and Building Materials Industry: The Direction of Thai Architects in Upgrading Technology and Knowledge”. The seminar was attended by Admiral Thanit Kittiampon, who helped initiate the ACT Forum, Khun Methinee Suwannaboon, Committee of the Architect Council of Thailand and Khun Prakit Phananuratana, who chairs the organizing committee for ACT Forum’19.

“Eco Friendly”: Bringing green space to buildings

Khun Methinee Suwannaboon, saw the current trend of design that we should consider about sustainability and must know how to make sustainable design. Therefore, eco-friendly outlook is important, which must have manage the correct working style. This includes reducing waste and wasteful materials in the building industry, reducing energy consumption, and choosing recycled materials. These are the things that contractors and suppliers should be aware of because eco-friendly concept is the most important thing in bringing nature into design and consequently leads to more green area in buildings.

Khun Methinee Suwannaboon, Committee of the Architect Council of Thailand.

In addition, Khun Methinee was aware of the concept of universal design that apart from us living comfortably, we must also consider other people as well. This is to ensure that those who are less-skilled can use this design to help facilitate their jobs. At the same time, designers and contractors must understand that buildings have to have a functional design, in both the usability of the buildings themselves and the building materials. Suppliers are also very important  factor. Finding qualified suppliers who have a good after-sales service is like the heart of success in that work.

The beginning of the ACT Forum and the direction of Thai architects in upgrading technology and knowledge

Admiral Thanit Kittiampon, the initiator of the ACT Forum’19 recalled about the beginning of the upcoming ACT Forum’19. Section 7 (5) of the Architect Act year 2000 states that the Architect Council has the duty and role to publish and provide various academic services to the public and other organizations related to architectural science and technology. Therefore, it is the duty of the Council to disseminate the knowledge about the four architectural branches, including architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture and urban  design through the upcoming ACT Forum’19.

Admiral Thanit Kittiampon, who helped initiate the ACT Forum’19

Khun Prakit Phananuratana explained further about organizing the ACT Forum’19. The theme of the event is “REACT: respond, reform, regularly” as nowadays there are always changes, consequently lead to constant learning. Therefore, we have to respond to those changes by expanding, or reforming our knowledge about a certain subject. This response to changes and this reformation also have to happen regularly as well.

Khun Prakit Phananuratana, who chairs the organizing committee for ACT Forum’19.

In addition, Khun Prakit also shared the interesting activities at the ACT Forum’19. There will be more than 30 topics of seminars and conferences from 4 forums, namely, Forum A: The Key Note (A Forum for Inspiration) is a forum for world-renowned architects to share their knowledge and inspiration for Thai architects and those who are interested.

Forum B: The Practice (Sharing Knowledge from a Master) is a platform for providing academic and professional knowledge to architects and the general public. The topics are comprehensive with all 4 architectural branches.

Forum C: The Innovation (Discussion for the Best Solution) is a seminar that focuses on showcasing innovation and architectural technology. It also includes providing knowledge about products and services to contribute to future product development or innovation.

Lastly, Forum D: The ACT Services (ACT Commitment to Serve Our Society) is a forum that allows architects to volunteer by giving advice and answering questions from the public. It also includes opening areas for educational institutions to present their works or researches.

The second part of the forum was the topic “Adaptation of Every Field of Architecture and Innovations that Respond More to Designs” which was honored by the representatives of all 4 fields of architecture to join the discussions and exchange ideas. The speakers included Khun Jedkamjorn Phromyothi, representative from urban design, Khun Prabhakorn Vadanyakul, representative from architecture, Khun Vipavadee Patpongpibul , representative from interior architecture and Khun Wannaporn Phornprapha, representative from landscape architecture.

Apart from beauty is the quality of life

Khun Jedkamjorn Phromyothi, representative from urban design stated that the fact that architects from all branches are connected to each other is important in design. The duty of urban designer is to take care of the city’s public area to create a good environment and make people to have a better quality of life. Therefore, the most important thing is to work together with architects from many branches because the city’s environment cannot be attractive without the cooperation from every party.

Khun Jedkamjorn Phromyothi, representative from urban architecture design

Khun Wannaporn Phornprapha, representative from landscape architecture, commented on the changing view towards work of modern architects.  There is a change in the content of the work. Over time, new problems have risen, namely the environment or the density of city. This makes the content of the work be more public-oriented. Landscape architecture involves from parks, hospitals, schools to places that are related to the mind and heart. Therefore, what must be done besides beauty, is to prioritize the quality of life of people as well.

Khun Wannaporn Phornprapha, representative from landscape architecture

Know how to “Learn” to improve your work

Khun Vipavadee Patpongpibul, the representative from interior architecture, thought that organizing forums or seminar is like a second-hand experience because some cases shown in class cannot be experienced. This opportunity in the forum is like a class from experienced people, who had already gone through each work. These may be the work that we have never seen or never done before. The more you gain from this experience, the more you will improve yourself.

Khun Vipavadee Patpongpibul, the representative from interior architecture

Khun Wannaporn added that learning is very important as the working system in this age does not allow us to work alone, rather, it has to be a teamwork, because knowledge is simply too broad for a person to know about everything, from culture, technology or environment. If we know how each branch works and can collaborate with them, that will be the most important thing.

Khun Jedkamjorn further commented that architects have to be more eager to learn and try to know new things through attending seminars or other interesting learning courses, including those about technology and innovation.

The important thing is the collaboration of material manufacturers and architects.

 Khun Prabhakorn Vadanyakul , representative from architecture, offered his perspective for suppliers that suppliers must keep up with the age because the world today is changing so rapidly. The most important thing is that they have to work with designers because they believe that the creation of the architect will sometimes have to be consulted with the supplier or the product owner to respond to their needs.

Khun Prabhakorn Vadanyakul, representative from architecture

Moreover, Khun Prabhakorn  also added about the coordination of each branch that for each project, if the suppliers and contractors work together, it will help create ideas in many areas. This is an important part because sometimes manufacturers don’t know what the designer wants. As for the designer, they are also not sure whether the manufacturer can make their ideas happen or not. This point is important. At the beginning, it may be difficult but if is carried out, it will be improved.

Khun Vipavadee  added that architects could not think and would not be able to create if there is no available material in the market. Therefore, the various booths in the upcoming ACT Forum’19 is a great opportunity for the union between suppliers and architects. She also told the material manufacturers that what makes Thai materials inferior to the ones from Europe, the United States and China is that the foreigners have good quality materials, exceptional installation technology and more capital. Therefore, other countries have more materials to choose from which boosts more ability to create something new and exciting.

Khun Wannaporn expressed her thoughts from the landscape architecture that landscape is a public work involving many people. This aspect requires technology, suppliers or material manufacturers to be able to use a large amount of material with large-scale landscape work. Thus, the forums in the ACT Forum’19 are a great chance for a gathering in every branch to study and learn together to expand and develop further.

The last session “The innovation of Building Materials Stage” featured updated insights on technology and building materials.  The forum was honored by Khun Anant Puangsomjit as the moderator and was honored by representatives from two leading companies, namely, Khun Dayin Kiatkwankul, Marketing Director, SCG Cement–​​Building Materials from CPAC Roof Tile Company Limited in SCG (Thailand) Public Company Limited and Khun Wicha Worasayan, General Manager, Lixil (Thailand) Public Company Limited.

The innovation of Building Materials Stage from SCG and TOSTEM

Khun Dayin Kiatkwankul talked about the current trend of houses that Thailand is entering an aging society. What happens is that the number of new houses may reduce. People will turn to renovating their existing houses. In the future, it will not be a matter of building a new house, rather how to renovate the existing building or structure to maximize the benefits for residents.

SCG sees that the trend today involves alternative energy, so they focus on the solar rooftops, both in the house roofs and those of various buildings. On the other hand, the worrisome thing is the durability of the roof, whether it will still resist heat, or should leakage happen. Therefore, SCG constantly checks the condition of the material. Presently, SCG uses drones to assist in the examination and visits the actual area to ensure that the roofs and solar tops will continue to function together. The important point is to not have leakage because if there is a leak, the living condition will be affected.

Khun Dayin Kiatkwankul, Marketing Director, SCG Cement–Building Materials from CPAC Roof Tile Company Limited in SCG (Thailand) Public Company Limited (Right)

In addition to the problem of aging society, another issue that Khun Dayin raised in this forum was the climate change which has had a great impact on those living in houses. SCG has invented the SCG Active AIR flow™ system that will help circulate the cool temperature inside the house. This is possible by allowing the heat inside to flow from the bottom to the top through a device that can suck air. This device is chimney-like tile that is attached to the top of the roof. It has an interior mechanism like a narrowing crater that creates wind force under the roof that can dissipate heat. SCG has designed the working of this invention to be passive without electricity, but to use natural mechanisms.

As for the products of TOSTEM, Khun Wicha Worasayan explained that TOSTEM has created an innovation called Pre Engineering. It is a readymade product that has been completed from the factory. Guaranteed with Japanese standard without worry about the use of wasteful and wasted materials. Therefore, when the product is sent to the site, there will not be waste.

Khun Wicha Worasayan, General Manager, Lixil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Left)

For the issue of aging society, Khun Wicha commented that TOSTEM thinks and considers the usage of customers. They use universal design as their design concept. Doors and windows will be designed in the form that no matter where you touch the handle of the sliding doors, there is no need to use much force.  A child or an adult can easily slide the doors, which is another point that TOSTEM pays attention to.

This is just a part of passing on knowledge and updating architectural technological trends at the ACTclusive Talk event. The upcoming ACT Forum’19, you will find more than 30 interesting topics of seminars, talks and architectural conferences for every branch of architecture.

We hope to see you at the ACT Forum’19, The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition, during 14 – 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani. More details can be found at www.ActForumExpo.com.

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