Architect Council of Thailand, together with Araya Expo held the seminar “ACTclusive Talk”, updating trend in all 4 architectural fields

The Architect Council of Thailand together with Araya Expo Co., Ltd hosted the seminar under the title of “ACTclusive Talk” which was aimed to provide knowledge and update people in the architecture and construction industry about happenings in all four architectural fields covering Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Interior Architecture. Moreover, this event created the opportunity for sharing and networking between The Architect Council of Thailand and leading suppliers.

The forum was honored to have Asst. Prof. Khaisri Paksukcharern (Ph.D.), First Vice President and Acting President of the Architect Council of Thailand, to preside over opening ceremony and deliver opening remarks, “By organizing the ACT Forum’19, the Architect Council of Thailand hopes that architects in all fields develop their knowledge that responds to both problems and challenging opportunities. This is to raise the standards of the work of architect for the benefit of society, both in the national and global level, which is considered an important mission of the council. The Architect Council of Thailand and the event organizer therefore hope that the event will be well-received by sponsors and participants as targeted. We are confident that the ACT Forum’19 will be an important event for Thai architects and Thai people who can help fortify this field of work. We also hope that this event will provide a learning space for exchanging ideas and can be organized every year.”

This “ACTclusive Talk” seminar was divided into 3 sessions. The first is a seminar on the topic: “The Future of the Design and Building Materials Industry: The Direction of Thai Architects in Upgrading Technology and Knowledge”. The seminar was attended by Admiral Thanit Kittiampon, who helped initiate the ACT Forum, Khun Methinee Suwannaboon, Committee of the Architect Council of Thailand and Khun Prakit Phananuratana, who chairs the organizing committee for ACT Forum’19.

The 2nd session: “Adaptation of Every Field of Architecture and Innovations that Respond More to Designs” was honored by the representatives of all 4 fields of architecture to join the discussions and exchange ideas. The speakers included Khun Jedkamjorn Phromyothi, representative from urban design, Khun Prabhakorn Vadanyakul, representative from architecture, Khun Vipavadee Patpongpibul, representative from interior architecture and Khun Wannaporn Phornprapha, representative from landscape architecture.

The last session “The innovation of Building Materials” featured updated insights on technology and building materials.  The forum was honored by Khun Anant Puangsomjit as the moderator and was honored by representatives from two leading companies, namely, Khun Dayin Kiatkwankul, Marketing Director, SCG Cement–​​Building Materials from CPAC Roof Tile Company Limited in SCG (Thailand) Public Company Limited and Khun Wicha Worasayan, General Manager, Lixil (Thailand) Public Company Limited

This event closed with a cocktail dinner party, which allowed the Architect Council of Thailand to meet, discuss and exchange ideas with representatives from leading supplier


“I have seen exchange of knowledge and needs of each party. I also see the understanding collaboration between suppliers, architects and designers. This is considered a good start for each party to exchange ideas. In this event, we have become aware of the needs of the architects and designers in an interesting aspect. This is very important in terms of manufacturers because we design products according to the knowledge we have, but in practice, we have to cooperate with architects or designers in order to accomplish the work that we are working on,” said Khun Wicha Worasayan, General Manager, Lixil (Thailand) Public Company Limited


“It’s like a system of mutual dependence. Like Khun Prapakorn had said that architects or designers have ideas, but there is no product that will make those ideas happen, in the same way,  if the entrepreneur has the product, but no idea to adapt that product into work. The product is simply a waste. Therefore we have to cooperate with each other in order to bring about new developments.” Khun Porawan Mahatanasuk, Customer and Brand Management Director,SCG Cement – Building Materials Company Limited, discussed how adapting oneself to architects and designers is important for product development.


“It’s a good opportunity to listen to senior architects and leading companies. It’s a good feeling seeing the advancement in this industry. I have seen knowledge sharing and how people helped each other to raise the standard of Thailand’s building industry. I would like to give a message to those who will be attending the ACT Forum’19 that the material manufacturers will create new products to meet more diverse needs. We will use this event as an area to listen to ideas in order to improve, develop and upgrade the products to meet the needs of architects and designers. I would like everyone to exchange and share knowledge.” Khun Pattamawan Roongsiriwong, Manager of Advertising & Promotion Division, Jorakay Corporation CO., LTD., discussed the overall picture of the event and sent a message to the participants.


“I hope that lots of architects and designers attend the ACT Forum’19 because we want to know their needs in order to develop and fulfill the part they want. We give priority to architects and designers. If they discussed with us the things that they want from the beginning, we can design in the right way. What will go to the hands of consumer will be completely correct. On the other hand, if we do not discuss clearly from the start, solving the problem are not effective in achieving the purpose of users.” Khun Patteera Wongteepdharm, Assistant Managing Director of Thai Isowall Co., Ltd., discussed about working with architects and designers.

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