End of every leakage problem with world-quality leakage protection innovation from d.one at ACT Forum’19

Waterproofing Membrane acts as a risk shield from water leak, which may cause damage to many things inside a building. Coupling it with waterproofing sheet system that can block out sunlight, UV, and different temperature, they help to extend a building’s lifespan. Therefore choosing a suitable and standard waterproofing sheet system greatly affects the structure of any building.

Be mindful of every detail is the heart of the work

The core of d.one’s business is caring for customer’s needs. The company selects the products with great care in every step of the way, from the materials, manufacturing, and quality check. The products undergo quality testing by Independent Organization who acts as a 3rd party, separated from sales revenue involvement of the company as well as being publicly certified. d.one, therefore, brings leakage protection innovation that holds German global standards to Thailand. The company aspires for their customers to use good quality products that offer practicality. Mr. Anunnthorn Phasittisakon, Managing Director & Founder of D1 System Co., Ltd., mentions about how the business has developed to its point of it being widely accepted.

Best quality, most endurance, one time deal with FDT, the imported technology from Germany

Because modern constructions generally aim for lightweight, flat roof that is quick for installation, as well as popularity on utilizing ready-made sheets, the products often have connected areas open for water to leak through. It is important for d.one to offer standardized waterproofing membrane, using a finishing like high quality flashing. The company selects the FDT® waterproofing membrane from Germany which gains worldwide customer trust for over 80 years. The product has a track record of 250 million sq.m. installation. It is unique in its 100% waterproof properties and can withstand weather conditions in Thailand as sunny, rainy, humid, and dry. It can be installed on many different types of roof. Moreover, each sheet is made whole to be one integrated piece, light, and highly adaptive for quality installation. The product can be put together with heat insulator GoldFoam or any Green Roof. Furthermore, it is certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) to be the membrane that has a product lifespan of over 40 years.

All leading architects in Thailand use d.one

All architects and engineers undoubtedly want less complications and less process in their work. d.one provides the service to care for their every step to reduce time and process. The company starts from sharing technical consultancy to preparation and standardized installation by professional staff. It is safe to say that whatever customers want d.one always try to accommodate and make it happens.

Amazon Project “Wangnoi” waterproofing membrane + insulation installation

Meet d.one’s latest innovation at ACT Forum’19, unseen anywhere else!

ACT Forum’19 will allow visitors to discover d.one’s innovation from its partners. which have just made debut abroad and ship straight to Thailand for a grand spectacle. The products are suitable for use with Rainscreen walls. This is the very first time for an insulator to have Dry-process finishing. Curious about the product? Find out more at the exposition before anyone. The company opens a floor for all to discuss and exchange knowledge about leakage protection innovation to be adapted to multiple uses. In addition, it prompts for customers to come and gain insights into proper installation techniques and shop around among many other interesting products. d.one guarantees the experience to be more than worthwhile.

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