Design your own panoramic view with innovative doors and windows from TOSTEM in ACT Forum’19

Doors and windows are considered a crucial part of homes and buildings. Apart from generating better ventilation, blocking heat from outside, widening the perspective of residents, doors and windows are important to the attractive appearance of homes and buildings as well. One trend which has become more and more popular nowadays is environmentally-friendly concept, featuring designs that enable us to be closer to nature and see unlimited view. Therefore, the choice of doors and windows design plays a significant role in designing.  

“TOSTEM” is recognized as a leading brand in the doorand window industry from Japan. Guaranteed with over 50 years of experience in technology and quality, we continue to develop new products to meet the needs of customers of every age, time and need. We have adapted ourselves to suit the demand of the whole Asian market, not just remaining attached to the Japanese market. Therefore, we have invented new technological innovation for customers, in terms of both engineering and design. Our products are modern and versatile with good quality. They are also long-lasting and can be used in every type of climate. This is to ensure that our users are comfortable in every aspect,” Mr. Hirokazu Morokuma, Marketing and Operation Director of LIXIL (Thailand) Public Company Limited.  said about the heart of developing TOSTEM brand.

Mr. Hirokazu Morokuma, Marketing and Operation Director of LIXIL (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Quality work with secret innovation from TOSTEM

All TOSTEM products have been developed, designed, manufactured and assembled under strict quality control of TOSTEM. We have a complete production process, from the production of molds and Aliminium billets, Aliminium shape rolling, color coating, Aliminium cutting and assembling as ready-to-use doors and windows. Importantly, we always choose high-quality materials, even for small pieces of product, to ensure the durability. Every piece of product has been tested for over 100,000 times to make sure that they are usable and possess the same good quality before handing them over to the customers

Create your own private panoramic view with doors and windows of the GRANTS series

The GRANTS series is for High-rise buildings, characterized by its minimal design, together with the innovative design results in a large surface areas of glass for panoramic view.

GRANT series, making a perfect for your design

Of course, the color of the doors and windows is also an important factor in designing. The GRANTS series has a wide range of color for using in different types of design, for example

1. Minimal & Modern Style – The color scheme that most suits this style is Autumn Brown, Natural Black

2. Classic Style – The color scheme that most suits this style is Natural White

Long-lasting but easy and convenient to install

With the expertise and special tools for measurement and calculation, TOSTEM has trained agents and installers to ensure that only accurate installation will be provided to customers. In terms of installation time, if an opening is ready for installation, it will take only 10-15 minutes to install and customers only have to wait for the silicone glue to dry.

Update trends of being in touch with nature in ACT Forum’19

In the ACT Forum’19, The company has every product in every model, including doors, windows and products of the house exterior for customers to come experience how our Aliminium is different from others’. More importantly, The company has a sample room decorated with various products of TOSTEM for you to test the ventilation. When you enter this room, you will feel how the air flows in and out easily and smoothly. Because of the trend of letting the air flow in homes and environmentally-friendly concept is receiving more and more popularity. TOSTEM invites you to experience by yourself and you will realize that the company not only pay attention to the quality of the product, but also care about your health.

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