Feel the magic of interior design with the style of Modern Contemporary
from Sesia Furniture at ACT Forum’19

Modern Contemporary, the art of our time, any design between a line of luxury but simplistic, something appreciated by people of all time, is a trend continuously held by most designers. TPS Garden Furniture co., Ltd. is one company that operates its business as a material supplier of leather and high-grade woods to manufacture various furniture for international customers. TPS Garden Furniture has a long-standing foothold of over 50 years in the market. The company looks toward making its own furniture as a brand in Thailand, that are distinctive in design and able to match those of the global brands in terms of quality, all under the brand named SESIA.

Change of perspective from household furniture to a work of masterpiece

“I see our furniture as a masterpiece among all sorts of pieces in a home,” said Mr. Apiwitt Phongspetrarat, Assistant Managing Director of TPS Garden Furniture co., Ltd. “They stand out like artwork or craftwork that are displayed in a home. They are the highlight and an important integral part of any house. That is what the ultimate goal of the SESIA brand that we strive for.  What I have always emphasized is the design that must be attractive and inexhaustibly offer that sense of comfort to the user. We want them to spend a long time with the furniture, unceasingly enjoying the experience. SESIA’s main component is the wood, because we use the best wood in the world. We select the best wood grade and screen for the highest-grade leather patterns to create the best match-up for every piece of our furniture product. This, in turn, yields the most outstanding masterpiece with craftsmanship quality visible. They can be paired with any design: Classic, Modern, or even Modern Contemporary, easy for care and have long lifespan”.

Mr. Apiwitt Phongspetrarat, Assistant Managing Director of TPS Garden Furniture co., Ltd.

The allure of woodwork blended with leatherwork magnificence

It is commonly agreed that wood and leather are 2 natural materials that offer their own characteristics. Each work produced from these material have the allure of craftsmanship with high uniqueness. For “wood”, its charms lay in the color and distinct pattern, both ungoverned and uncontrolled by man. For “leather”, its beauty is in time and usage. The more time passes, the bend and fold from usage will create various lines and colors that are purely unique. Therefore, SESIA furniture will truly reflect the individuality of the ones who use them.

All the best modern contemporary interior design from SESIA at LH Vive (Ekkamai – Ramintra) Village


All the best modern contemporary interior design from SESIA at CAPE DARA Resort

5 Items from SESIA that Modern Contemporary design enthusiasts ought not to miss

What’s important in selecting a furniture? Designers and end-users alike should first focus on function above all else. They must identify where to place it, how many people will use it, and bring together factors like the surrounding area, size, preferred style, texture, suitable color, etc. to ultimately pick the right one. The following are 5 items in SESIA’s forefront that we don’t want you to miss.

1. Titan sofa – Strong character with vivid leather & wood allure. Able to be positioned in modular system, standalone I-shaped or L-shaped, placed in various areas. The structure incorporates Memory Foam to offer relaxing touch suitable for long-term sitting or laying down.

2. Torino – Mixing teak frame with leather, this series has their own distinctive character, and simply different. The combination makes the furniture look fierce and unique.

3. Maldini – This is a sitting character favored by Thai people: relaxing, neck-supported, head-supported, soft, not so large or small. The product is lifted from the floor to offer space below, easy for cleaning as well as having the spring to assist with standing. Most suitable for those of older age.

4. MINI ZORO – Short-framed, transparent, and sleek, the series usage matches small areas like low-roofed space. When MINI ZORO is stationed, it will not create a sense of crowding, yet maintaining soft, relaxing touch within.

5. LUCCA – Simplistic design with proportionated elevation. Best suited for limited space like in a condominium, able to adapt to I-shaped or L-shaped installation as needed.

ACT Forum’19 Booth Space Simulation to a Showcase Space

TPS Garden Furniture co., Ltd. this year is newer than ever. The company wishes for the booth space at the event to BE a showcase space. It will simulate the vibes of international exhibition filled with stories and highlights just like in Milan Fair. Apart from SESIA brand, the company also brings forth WOODDEN brand which is a march of teak wood and engineered wood products to blend in designing. Visitors will be able to personally feel the allure of the surface, patterns, and special properties of WOODDEN at the ACT Forum’19 soon to happen.


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