With more than 30 years experience in construction industry, Worapong Engineering 1997 Limited aspires to deliver a standardized service to increase customers satisfaction and encourage them to be a loyalty customers. Worapong Engineering 1997 Limited started from being a government-based contractor, the company now offers full-ranged services in construction, covering all needs of customers. Worapong Engineering 1997 Limited offers One Stop Service, beginning from architectural design, layout design, project analysis, cost analysis, fund sourcing, timeline management, quality control, safety control, as well as the 10year structural insurance guarantee after construction completion, comes with AS Building Drawing and building manual.

The company guarantees quality with all its design and construction expertise, including home, condominium, apartment, office, commercial estate, factory, warehouse, hotel, and resort. The proven success is evident in completed high rise government buildings and various sizes of buildings all the way to manufacturing units of all sizes in the private sector.

Worapong Engineering 1997 Limited, over the years, has continuously strived to improve the efficiency so that today the company stands proud to be well-accepted widely. It shares a sense of comfort to customers that the company never abandons their work, being a genuine contractor who delivers the highest quality of construction result, as well as being a customer centric to meet all their needs and maximize usage to satisfaction.

Interested in building  your own home or office? Worapong Engineering 1997 Limited will be ready to offer preliminary consultancy service at ACT Forum’19 at booth number B804, the very first International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition that covers all ranges of architectural field. The event will be held during 14 – 17 November 2019 at Impact, Challenger Hall, Muangthong Thani.

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