Fulfill the creative idea with Decorative Laminated from EDL in ACT Forum’19

Design is a field which combines ideas and art together to fully respond to the need of customers, in terms of appearance, usability and maintenance. One of the challenges for designers is selecting decorative material to complete their design and meet the need of customers. EDL LAMINATE understands these needs well. The company has therefore been developing, updating design trends and always maintaining the product quality for designers to create design art that still maintains the quality of usage and the ease of installation.

As the heart of design is to see beauty and the ability to create that beauty without any boundary

“Designers love beautiful objects. But those beautiful things also have to be functional. The question is how to win their heart with EDL and how to advance the designer circle in Thailand another step. That is our challenge. And it is what makes our brand never stop. We pay special attention to the design. We always update ourselves with new trends, including colors and a wide range of beautiful new patterns. No matter what the concept of the event is, there is always a product that can meet all those designs. You can say that since we enter the market, we always update the trend, together with paying special attention to quality selection, to meet the needs of designers, contractors and users,” Patpimol Chotsawetanan Managing Director of EDL LAMINATES CO., LTD., discussed the concept of conducting business as the leading importer of decorative laminates in Thailand over the past 5 years.

Patpimol Chotsawetanan Managing Director of EDL LAMINATES CO., LTD.,


TOP 3 Products  for EDL LAMINATES, more than decorative materials

Fenix ​​NTM (Fenix ​​Nano Technology Matte), decorative material imported from Italy with guaranteed reward premium quality. Fenix NTM has special features different from general laminates, with its soft and smooth matte surface that prevents fingerprints and scratches. The marks can also be removed by placing an iron on the laminate surface and wipe it with a cloth. The scratches will be easily removed. Fenix NTM is also shockproof, no static electricity, prevention of bacteria and chemicals, and easy to clean. Moreover, it can be perfectly featured in design work such as table top, kitchen counter, kitchen set or other applications.

Panaplast the art of delicateness with its outstanding transparency. It can be easily modified into various shapes which leavesmore room to create designs.  Panaplast can be used to conceal lights such hiding lights in the wall, bending to match the shape of the counter or even other types of furniture and other structures with curves. It can be easily used and contains properties which are not less than FENIX at all, because it can prevent fingerprints, scratches and incredibly heat resistant. Most importantly, Panaplast is 99.99% antibacterial, suitable for health care related work such as hospitals, clinics, children’s rooms.

COMPACT laminates are large ones. There are a variety of thickness to select from according to usage. They are resistant to impact, high-temperature, moisture, wear and scratches as well as being easy to clean. It has features comparable to the FENIX model but is characterized by a larger and thicker size. Therefore suitable for designing in the wall, benches, table, sink, toilet wall.

Loved by designers and installers, Impressed by users

Not surprisingly, the outstanding feature of EDL LAMINATE is to stay update trend of new patterns and various styles that all possible perfection for every concept. They are not only loved by designers but are loved by installation technicians and users as well. Because the installation process is simple, convenient, fast, easy to maintain and has a long lifespan. It can be considered as a worthwhile investment with beauty, saving energy, saving time as well.

EDL LAMINATE Color Core and White Core” has been selected as one of decorative materials in Green Building at the Brain and Bone Hospital with over 10,000 tiles of laminates used.


LAMINATE is more than you think, in ACT Forum’19

EDL LAMINATE opens the area in this event to inspire and open new perspectives to designers because this event is the first time collaboration of the brand and designers in bringing our materials to create designs work in never-before-seen formats. How is it going to look like? You have to see for yourself at the ACT Forum’19 event and discover that laminate can do more than you think.

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