“Asahi Alex Asia” selects ACT Forum’19 to launch innovative sanitary ware from Japan.

Asahi Alex Asia Co.,Ltd. a part of the Asahi Alex Group in Japan, engaged in real estate, design and sales of sanitary ware, nursing care, etc. is ready to unveil the advancement of sanitary ware under brand “bebe” in ACT Forum’19. The innovation aims to create the new image of toilet and building a new toilet culture.

The revolution of toilets as “relaxing space”

With experience and network gathering from different business of the Asahi Alex Group, we will resolve the problem by launching the warm-washing toilet seats, creating the new image of toilet like nobody did before, and building a new toilet culture.

bebe: The modern sanitary ware from Japan

The warm-washing toilet seat was invented in the United States of America. Asahi Alex Asia Co.,Ltd. added values to this product such as comfort, cleanness, good for health, and environmental friendly. Later, the company have continued to develop in Japan. Nowadays, the developing warm-washing toilet in Japan has changed the toilet culture worldwide. The time has come for Thailand to step into the world’s standard.

In addition, bebe also has a variety of sanitary ware such as sinks, bathtubs, outdoor spa, pod baths, plus saunas, etc. in order to develop a better toilet by bringing the full function from Japan and adjust to Thai lifestyle.

The highlight at ACT Forum’19

‘Beau Showerlet’ is a trademark of bebe warm water wash toilet seat. Asahi Alex Asia Co.,Ltd. proposes a new toilet style of Japanese quality. bebe cares for “health” “comfort” “cleanness” “environment”

The cleanliness and beauty of Japan’s sanitary space is one of the top of the world. The cleanliness and beauty of the sanitary space give the user health, comfort and happy. bebe is an abbreviation of be beauty. The company would like to convey the excitement of the beauty of sanitary space from Japan to Asia.

Witness “Beau Showerlet”, the combination of design and hygiene at Booth No. B822-23 only at ACT Forum’19, The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition, which will be held during 14–17 November 2019 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani.

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