Many may dream of having a lift inside their household…but it may seem a farfetched issue, complicated to an impossible thing to be done. What’s more? Problems involving decision-making arise i.e. security, maintenance, costs incurred, or even incompatible design. All these issues stop dreamers from taking further steps from making their dreams come true. However, ACT Forum’19, the architecture exposition happening between 14 – 17 November 2019, will change such traditional perspective with a brand new innovation to exceed all limits of having a household elevator, directly from Aritco (Thailand) Co., Ltd. with 9 smart features to be introduced exclusively to you.

Mr. Tana Sripongtanakul, Managing Director of Aritco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

How a household elevator meets your living needs?

Mr. Tana Sripongtanakul, Managing Director of Aritco (Thailand) Co., Ltd. shares his perspectives on owning a household elevator, “I think that lift innovation for household use brings not only practicality, but also a new lifestyle that constantly adapts with the ever-changing new generations. We want to see Thai people using new technologies that meet every aspect of their lives, just like in other countries. They crave practical comfort. Especially when people have worked hard all their lives, they grow older. Such tool offers us the comfort we seek as they become our life reward. For instance, any house that has elderly members, they will not have to worry about traversing up and down their staircase, or that we won’t have to carry heavy stuff up a storey ourselves. Having an elevator in-house must be safe and easy to install”.

Safety comes first before you decide

“From the way we conduct our business, we found that our clients concern most about safety prior to making a buying decision. They worry about an elevator being stalled in mid-air, and that they are stuck alone inside. Home is a private space and being stuck remotely in an elevator does not pose a heart-warming comfort. We always tell our customers that our products offer highest security, absent of any worrisome danger. They are controlled by 2 systems, namely household electricity and backup battery. In case of blackout, the backup system will be activated. Plus, our other safety standard is the motor system mechanized by screws, and not by slings. This blocks out the problem of torn slings, offering no elevator fall problem.

In case of an actual elevator stalling, a manual breaking of the open double window can be initiated followed by a simple walk-out of the elevator. Our elevator is made from Tempered Laminated glass, resistant to brute force. Should you find yourself having to damage the glass for emergency escape, we will gladly replace the damaged material. We fully take responsibility in your strive to struggle with our product”.

ARITCO HOME LIFTS, available for every home

“In the old days, people only dream of owning an elevator in their homes due to the fuzz of changing the house infrastructure, creating an elevator pit, and calculating many factors to make it happen. Our lifts go beyond such mentality. Our products can be installed in-and-out of a house. Despite full used space, our lift can be attached from the outside because ARITCO HOMELIFTS possesses its own structure, requiring no stake or pit. It is easy to install and need little time to be fitted, along with expert engineers to support the installation and monitor across the product lifespan.

Uplift home elevator design to a luxury furniture with 9 smart features to meet all needs

“This elevator is designed beyond just being a lift. It became a luxury furniture in your house ready for show. The unique difference is that the product is designed by a designer who works professionally with engineers. As a result, all the designs stand out, yet, retain high security performance guaranteed by engineers. This is an out-of-the-box design that you can take part in its unlimited craft. You may choose own wall, floor, color, as well as light & mood let in the lift. It is up to you to design the lift to be a luxury object to be boasted to any interior designer. It can bring practicality with little need for calculated detail like ordinary elevators. It can be precisely spaced, offer high certainty, allow fast installation, open for further add-ons and reconstruction. This helps to craft what our customers need.

The product is developed by experts from Sweden with utmost care in every detail. The experts take into account the global sentiment on how people would like to have a lift installed in their households. This breeds ARITCO HOMELIFTS, imbued with smart features to meet all the needs of our customers”.

Home innovation ARITCO HOMELIFTS in ACT Forum’19

“We would like Thai people to get to know these innovation for their own. They incorporate all needs: security, beauty, installation ease, maintenance, and cost. Of course, ACT Forum’19 will bring you proximity to ARITCO HOMELIFTS innovations. The brand aims to answer all your doubts and questions to bringing home a personal elevator. We ensure that all your answers will be brought to light. See you all at the exposition”.

Meet leading innovations that answer all your modern practicality at ACT Forum’19 (Booth no A109), the very first International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition that covers largest selection in Thailand. The event is open for visit between 14 – 17 November 2019 at Impact Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

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