ACT Forum’19 takes you to learn useful tips to select “Door Closer”
products from Plan Aluminum Co., Ltd.

A Door Closer system or Door Choke is a small vital part of its whole. It serves as the support for any perfect door usage and imbues efficiency. Often enough, we pay close attention to a door design over its systematic shutting attribute or its components. This leads to many problems such as trouble closing, trouble opening, shortened lifespan, etc. These little pesky problems pose a nuisance for designers, installers, and also end-users. Plan Aluminum Co., Ltd. highlights these problems and shares useful little tips how to select door closing system in the ACT Forum’19. It is a big guarantee on stumbling upon quality products along with bringing great advices home for a better ease of living.

We do it, we learn it, so we understand it

“As we started out as a product installer, gaining tremendous understanding of the actual usage as well as installation of various designs, we have accumulated crucial experiences in this line of work. We grew in installation coverage, then we jumped into distribution, and then to manufacturing as of today. It has been 40 years in the making. The heart of it all is that we dedicate ourselves to making quality products at reasonable prices. From our installation expertise, we can identify the different usages, end-user needs, and installers’ requirement. We, then, developed and adapted a number of equipment to work easier, more practical, faster, yet, retain good quality for the actual usage. We possess a sales customer care department which covers regional areas in terms of service to help answer questions and consult customers on proper selection and installation of the products. This aides our customers on the most suitable product use at the most reasonable price,” said Mr.Sarawut Kritsadavorakul Managing Director

Here is the direction on parts and equipment development of aluminum doors and windows under the brand HYDA, under care of Plan Aluminum Co., Ltd., that we would like you to get to know.

Mr.Sarawut Kritsadavorakul Managing Director

Why everyone uses Door Closer

Door Closer system is considered to be among top choices in the actual usage. This is because of its properties to help control the tempo of opening and closing a door, preventing it from making too hard of an impact on another object, causing damage. Once opened, it also helps to close the door automatically, as well as reducing leek of cold air in an air-conditioned room. This helps to save energy consumption in air-conditioning units. This leads to widespread use of door closers and they come in various designs for different purposes i.e. overhead door closer, concealed floor door closer, or concealed jamb door closer.

Dedication leads to quality and good use

Plan Aluminum Co., Ltd. sees to the importance and benefits of utilizing door closing system. Studies have been conducted i.e. opening/closing mechanics of each door type, force required to open and close a door, door momentum, swing time, and how to properly adjust each door type. We accumulate the information findings to develop multiple grades of materials to match. This includes combining new innovations to fabricate our products to sync design and selection. Furthermore, we ship our products to test specifications in Germany, where they are tested at an average of 500,000 times. More tests are done once they return to Thailand, totaling 1,000,000 times until being certified by TSI. We are assured of our product quality and performance to offer peak value selection.

Door Closer selection life hack

To select a door closer, one might only ponder its design to align with the door in question. However, one must consider the size of the product to fit well with door because the numbers explain the actual usage. For example, #20 closer goes together with #40 door, #30 closer goes together with #60 door, #40 closer goes together with #80 door, #50 closer goes together with #100 door, and so on. They correlate with and determine the door usage such as using smaller-sized closer with a larger and heavier door will result in shortened lifespan. In another case, we witnessed a small door that fits well with a close #30, but installed a #40 closer, resulting in heavier door, more friction, and difficulty opening and closing the door. Therefore, using the right size of door closer considering its weight, width, or height require as much attention as the design itself. This is because they affect usage as well as the lifespan of the door.

Plan Aluminum Co., Ltd., a partner of installers and a friend of customers

Stemmed from long-term, in-depth understanding, and continuous development of products for over 40 years, door closers made by Plan Aluminum Co., Ltd. have become unique in terms of quality all the way to very high lifespan of over 10 years if used with proper care. They offer great flow of door swings, easy to install, quick to apply, and can be connected immediately without the hassle of asking technicians to help decorate. In fact, we showcase a variety of door closing systems and equipment for doors and windows i.e. door closer, folding door, handle, net angle, bolt, bearing roller, glass fitting, shower door fitting, glass accessories, cutting machine, hardware, as well as manual instruction for use and installing right from experts directly to users.

New trend of Door Closer at ACT Forum’19

The exposition will showcase the electric 360-degree door closer, controlled by a remote controller. This combines door stopping system with an electrical system. The company invites all to get to know the product up close and experience it first-hand. There will also feature new sliding door parts that will go well with multiple materials, more coverage, no fuss in calculation and installation, and of course a special price for visitors of ACT Forum.

Meet us at ACT Forum’19 (Booth no. B509, B807), the very first International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition that covers largest selection in Thailand. The event is open for visit between 14 – 17 November 2019 at Impact Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

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