“Neolith” from Living Center is ready to unveil in ACT Forum’19


One of the most important key considerations for designers and users is material selection, the first thing we look for is our very own definition of beauty. However, sometimes the beauty we seek does not always answer to our functional needs. Beautiful yet functionally unsuitable, beautiful yet fragile, or beautiful yet complicated installation procedures. Today, we have come up with creative solutions to share with all of you.

“We understand that designers and users will sometimes face difficulties in selecting building materials as we are involved with them on a daily basis. With our long existence in the industry, we would like support with finding new innovation creations using our knowledge and expertise that will respond to our customer’s needs. We do not only want to offer our products, but we do this because we see our customers as our friends, and we are the friend that would like to help cogitate, respond, and solve our friends’ problems as if we are co-workers” stated by Mr. Ek Lewchalermwongse,  Managing Director of Living Center Co., Ltd; the company imports and distributes construction materials, client-focused base for over 42 years.

Mr. Ek Lewchalermwongse,  Managing Director of Living Center Co., Ltd; 

The heart to the word “Building Materials” in Living Center’s dictionary.

Of course beauty is the first priority when it comes to curating ideas, however other aspects are as important which is installation and utility. Since for long, we have tried to bring in building materials and new innovations that serves the customer’s functional needs. Hence, we have brought in more attractive products, resolves the market demands, easier utilization, and better functions because we have been working with a broad range of construction materials such as synthetic stones, or quartz. We have found that there are different advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of synthetic stone is being seamless after welding, but they are still made as countertops or kitchen tables, toilets not as strong to produce them into flooring products. As for its appearance, they are still sharing made in plain colors, no natural stone patterns. Therefore, we have started to work on quartz, yet we discovered that quartz still has its limits, unable to apply on the exterior of the building due to its weight and transportation difficulties until we have come across “Neolith,” Ultra-sintered stones.

“Neolith”, the Building Material of the year you wouldn’t want to miss

Neolith is considered as innovative sintered stones, a new type of surface coverage made from mashed natural mineral stones smelt into flat sheets. Produced from a high-technological demo of a stone of 1,000 years old natural existence through modern technology, utilizing the temperature and pressure to melt natural mineral stones creating large flat sheets consists of 3 natural mineral stone groups which are Granites – Quartz and Feldspar, Silica Mineral, Natural Oxides creating various light colors, light weight yet high endurance.

Why Neolith

Because it resolves our problems better than before, because of high endurance, along with the beautiful designs functional both interior and exterior using as a façade for the exterior, can be used on floors, walls, countertops, or even different styles of furniture. This better answers to all our projects we have been working on, no resin, has high endurance, able to withstand UV, doesn’t change color compared to other types of work, high resistance to scratches, long lifespan, easy maintenance, thin, lightweight, convenient installation, over 50 color options but will still maintain its beautiful and natural look.

Reveal 5 that are Neolith’s “Less Is More, Simple is Cool” designs of Living Center

1. Calacatta – Offers sensations of brightness, eye-resting, luxury and feature infinite connectivity of stone pattern as per own design. Able to apply to bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

For example, bringing Calacatta to the kitchen top.

2. Basalt Black – A special kind of dark black color. Normally, black materials are difficult to create flat surface and scratches are easily visible. Neolith, however, is scratch-resistant so the issue is greatly avoided. It can be applied as tops, wall, or even external façade.

For example, bringing Basalt Black as a facade.

3. Zahastone is a part of Fusion color series which mixes nature with modern feel. With grey as base color, it can be utilized along many designs.

For example, bringing Zahastone into the floor.

4. Strata Argentum – Features a decorative surface texture that is slightly elevated, offering a natural stone touch and feel.

For example, bringing the Strata Argentum to the bathroom top.

5. Iron Corten – Iron-colored group which is inspired by iron materials. In details, Neolith is a clean and safe material suitable for food proximity and does not pose rusting problem like actual iron.

For example, bringing Iron Corten as floor and wall.

Living Center Co., Ltd providing special deals that will make you fall in love with NEOLITH in ACT Forum’19

In the event, we will showcase our actual product with the designs for audiences to explore the different utility functions, advising on installation systems and installation equipment by specialized consultants. If anyone has idea guidelines but would like to seek for modification advice, you are welcome to walk up to us. Other than that witnessing the stylish designs in person, you are able to try on the quality and functions first-hand. By personally trying different qualifications of the product, we can assure you will love Neolith!

Explore all the special offers at ACT Forum’19 (Booth no A409)– The International Architect Forum and Building Technology Exposition which will be held during 14–17 November 2019 at Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.


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