Design Peek “ACT Forum’19” 4 perspectives, 4 majors to encompass all branches of architecture professionals

This year end marks a spotlight event, the one-and-only gathering of architects and architecture professionals of all fields and disciplines, as well as bringing construction innovation and technology together from distinct brands across the world. The exposition is a collaboration between the Architect Council of Thailand (ACT) and Araya Expo Co., Ltd., altogether with involved enterprises to have made this event possible. This includes GA49 group who is behind the scenes, putting efforts on creative communications, design, logo, and graphics that many must have laid eyes upon.

GA49, the prominent designer of the Logo and Key Visual of the exposition, reveals the concepts behind the designs of ACT Forum’19. The group shares, “The event correlates with the actual work of 4 professional branches of ACT namely, Architecture, Urban Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Architecture. The designer, therefore, created the logo under an isometric structure comprised of lines that represent architectural qualities. The letters are erected to form Corner and Space, communicating the definitions of the interior and exterior of a structure. The various layouts of the letters are utilized to maximize usage while conveying the original core message”.

In another respect, the Key Visual of the exposition this year aims at raising the public awareness of the mission of ACT. 2019 marks the first year of the event. The designer then selects pictures that reflect the 4 professional branches of architecture certified by the ACT so that the public may understand its mission and coverage of the council. The 4 branches are;

  1. Architecture
  2. Urban Architecture
  3. Landscape Architecture
  4. Interior Architecture

This is under the concept of “REACT” react / expand / continuous that signifies modern day adaptation which requires measures to react to the fast-paced development through education, in order to expand knowledge continuously.

The designer utilizes work photos coupling with sets of letters and logo to convey the 4 branches of architecture discipline under ACT. The photos are adjusted to Duo-Tone to create uniqueness and recognition impact on the exposition.

Be ready for “ACT Forum’19”, The International Architect Forum And Building Technology Exposition between 14 – 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani. More information please see the link:

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