ACT Forum’19, a Comprehensive Platform for Architects of All Fields, is ready to Share Knowledge with the Society.

Architect Council of Thailand Makes Further Preparations for ACT Forum’19 Designed for Architects of All Fields, the Upcoming Event is also Set to Share Knowledge with the Public

19 March 2019 – The Architect Council of Thailand and Araya Expo announce updates about the ACT Forum’19 that will be held as the international architect forum and building technology exposition. Thanks to collaboration among organizations with expertise in seminars and academic-knowledge distribution as well as a professional organizer of exhibitions on building innovations and technologies, ACT Forum’19 will be Thailand’s only event to bring together architects from all fields. The event will run from 14 to 17 November 2019 at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani.

Admiral Thanit Kittiampon, President of the Architect Council of Thailand (ACT), says, “ACT Forum’19 will be held in line with ACT objectives. The Article 7(5) of the Architect Act stipulates that ACT has the duty and role to propagate knowledge and provide academic services to people and other organizations in regards to architectural sciences and technologies. Aware of such duty, we decide to organize ACT Forum’19, in order to be a platform for architects of all fields. The event will be Thailand’s biggest gathering of Architecture Professions, covering all fields. At present, ACT has more 30,000 members covering all four architectural-profession fields namely architecture, interior design and decorative arts, landscape and urban planning. ACT Forum’19 will open a new dimension of international seminars and academic conferences, with leading local and foreign speakers recruited to share design knowledge and concepts for all four architectural fields. Content will enhance audience’s thinking process and comprehensively develop architecture professions, supporting our mission to drive Thai architects’ professional development”.

Mr. Prakit Phananuratana, who chairs the organizing committee for ACT​ Forum​’19, reveals that, “ACT Forum’19 will embrace REACT” concept. It’s about response, development, and continuity. This concept underlines the fact that professionals including architects now seriously need to adapt so as to respond to the needs of the fast-changing society. They have to keep learning to develop themselves further on a continued basis. ACT Forum’19 therefore will offer knowledge via architectural seminars, talks and academic conferences covering more than 30 topics. The event will feature four parts:

Forum A: The Key Note (A Forum for Inspiration) – Thai architects and any interested visitors may join Forum A to listen to world-class architects’ speeches that promise to be full of knowledge and inspirations. Members of the audience will get a creativity boost to develop their works further and upgrade them to international level.

Forum B: The Practice (Sharing Knowledge from a Master) – ACT members and members of the general public can attend Forum B for academic and profession knowledge. Content will cover all professional fields of architect and all five types of architectural works namely project study, design, construction management and supervision, inspections and consultancy.

Forum C: The Innovation (Discussion for the Best Solution) – It will present architectural innovations, technologies, products and services.

Forum D: The ACT Services (ACT Commitment to Serve Our Society) – ACT offers services to the society in this zone, with direct counseling for interested people. Volunteer architects will be on hand to provide advice on architectural works. Forum D, moreover, will provide spaces for educational institutes to showcase their works and researches that are useful to the public. The organizing committee for ACT Forum’19 will select exhibits from all fields of architects for the benefits of architects as well as the society.

Mr. Supaman Munka, Project Director of Araya Expo or the Exposition organizer, says, “Araya Expo is pleased and honored to have been entrusted by ACT with the mission to organize the event that will feature all four architectural fields. We have scheduled ACT Forum’19 to take place at the most appropriate time of the year. This explains why several firms have already confirmed their participation in the event as exhibitors of technologies, innovations and products. Among them are market leaders like Lixil (Thailand) Public Company Limited, CNP Plastic Industries Company Limited, Vision Glass Industry Company Limited, O2E Supply Company Limited, EDL Laminates Company Limited and ARITCO (Thailand) Company Limited. All these companies agree that it is best to hold the event late in the year. The timing is perfect for the launches of building technologies and innovations for architects, real-estate developers, constructors, engineers and people who are keen to update themselves and explore construction/design ideas. ACT Forum’19 will feature a diverse range of latest innovations and technologies as both manufacturers and distributors have jumped in. Many innovations will be launched for the first time at the event. ACT Forum’19 is expected to attract more than 500 exhibitors from 30 nations including the United States, France, Japan, Germany, Malaysia and China. For more information, please call 0-2318-4689, e-mail to [email protected] or browse to”.


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