The Launcing of International Event for all fields of Architecture.

Every time there is a major architecture and building construction materials exhibition happening, it becomes that special moment to educate us more about design. We learn more about what’s important for our lives, adding perspectives to our career development and helping us to focus clearly where the world trend is at.

But what is ACT FORUM’19? For clarifications, let us go into the detail of its perspective and bring you closer to the interesting design faculties, all wrapped up in one  ACT FORUM’19 event this year.

ACT FORUM’19 is a major event organized by the Architect Council of Thailand (ACT) and Araya Expo Co., Ltd. The action-filled debut day of the ACT FORUM’19 on 3 December 2018 made it crystal clear that no one should miss out in this grand event, because;

One, this is the main forum to gather all fields of architecture fully and completely. It is an international phenomenon to impact changes at a macro scale.

Two, the forum combines the knowledge of all 4 architectural branches together namely: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design.  Designers who strive to enrich their craft, as well as the possibilities of related architectural faculties, ACT has guaranteed to all that they will not be disappointed.


Architecture branch deals with main traditional architectural designs. Simply put, it looks into any structures that man dwells in and utilizes the space. It talks about buildings, hotels, and houses. Nowadays, students of this field learn about building construction technology and are shown basic designs that are related in all angles, including technological update and relevancy.

Those who are involved as architect, real estate developer, project consultant, contractor company owner, or general contractor will greatly benefit from ACT FORUM’19. It is the forum to update on technology and innovation that are ongoing in development to inspire next ideas and open architecture eyes to a wider dimension.

Interior Architecture

When the infrastructure is well-set, we can’t leave everything naked and tolerate just the roof over our heads. As human beings, we have the needs of gaining response in the most unique, deepest ways. The “Interior” branch, as they commonly call it, meets our needs about practical living in terms of usage, beauty, and environment.

Landscape Architecture

The brief definition of landscape architecture is “the creation of environment for quality of life”, which is a principle and responsibility for all landscape services as well. Although the landscape areas focus on exterior space, these areas cover wide range of site character, function, and size, which are residential, public park, urban, rural , and large scale natural area. Therefore, the landscape services include site study, site design, site planning, and landscape planning, that preserve, restore, and create harnonic balance between nature and human needs which should be a sustainable relationship.

Urban Design

Urban Design is the last of the four branches. When we come to live together as a collective, society, city, and country, everything needs to be managed. We cannot just erect any building as we please. If the law allows such free construction for everyone, we will live in total chaos.

Anyone who has ever thought of bad footpath, noise pollution, residential area complaint on transportation, etc., urban design plays a role in resolving these issues. Architects of this field are known as “City Doctor” because they must annex convenience, national pride, people’s problems, and management into one. This is to ensure that every square inch of living space is maximized in value and usage.

Furthermore, urban designers finger-point which area becomes suitable for any specific purpose. They tell us where the commercial, cultivation, manufacturing, etc. zones should situate. They work in the shadows, yet we cannot prosper without them. For all who is interested in this area, ACT FORUM’19 packs it all up to surprise you with urban design management and analyses that could be the key to shape Thailand’s future.

Lastly, the forum brings in over 500 companies specialized in building construction materials. This showcase features the materials and technology to add on to new design concepts and open fresh perspectives on materials and technology choices to be utilized.

This year Architect Council of Thailand (ACT) and Araya Expo Co., Ltd. gives you the very first of The International Architect Forum And Building Technology Exposition between 14 – 17 November 2019, at IMPACT Challenger, Hall 3, Muangthong Thani.

Don’t miss!! We guarantee that this forum will blow your mind and definitely a special grand finale for 2019. See you there!!!

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